About Us

Sound of Soccer was established in 2013 by two best friends John & David (Greeney).

Having both gone through football Academy journeys throughout their childhood the aim was to provide an environment which help give children the understanding to see both sides of the game when football goes your way and when it doesn’t.

Encouraging all the players we come across to accept defeat gracefully and to win correctly all to the sound of high tempo, happy and upbeat music.

Across both our Birthday Parties and Holiday Camps the idea is when the music is on the children are playing and we allow them to make their own decisions and when the music is off the coaches are briefly feedbacking on what’s happened so far and explain what’s happening next. Then the music gets turned up to the max and the children then continue to play.


Play to the beat

Our Sound of Soccer Holiday Camps provide your child with a fun filled and rewarding experience each day. 

Our music led small sided games, end of camp tournament and awards presentation are all completed across the three days. Our famous Pizza Days add to the enjoyment as an extra, as well as additional themed camps during the year.

Holiday Camps

Our children’s football parties last for 2 hours regardless of which action packed package you decide.

Each party is completely tailored to the age group of your child.  Children will take part in a variety of all inclusive games consisting of individual ball work, small sided matches and fun (but competitive) tournaments all played to the exclusive Sound of Soccer music playlists.